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In the first version of this study ( Himmelstein et al., 2017a), we mistakenly treated the log events as requests rather than downloads. Fortunately, Sci-Hub reviewed the preprint in a series of tweets, and pointed out the error, stating “in Sci-Hub access logs released previous year, all requests are resolved requests, i.e. user successfully downloaded PDF with that DOI … unresolved requests are not saved”. Interestingly however, 198,600 access events from the logs pointed to DOIs that were not in Sci-Hub’s subsequent DOI catalog. 99.1% of these events — corresponding to DOIs logged as accessed despite later being absent from Sci-Hub — were for book chapters. Upon further investigation, we identified several DOIs in this category that Sci-Hub redirected to LibGen book records as of September 2017. The LibGen landing pages were for the entire books, which contained the queried chapters, and were part of LibGen’s book (not scimag) collection. The explanation that Sci-Hub outsources some book access to LibGen (and logged such requests as accessed) is corroborated by Elbakyan’s statement that ( Elbakyan, 2017): “Currently, the Sci-Hub does not store books, for books users are redirected to LibGen, but not for research papers. In future, I also want to expand the Sci-Hub repository and add books too.” Nonetheless, Sci-Hub’s catalog contains 72.4% of the 510,760 distinct book chapters that were accessed according to the logs. Therefore, on a chapter-by-chapter basis, Sci-Hub does already possess many of the requested scholarly books available from LibGen. • eMule The European Commission included Sci-Hub in its "Piracy Watch List". [36] Website [ edit ] • 1337x Homicidal Thoughts

months: number of months in which the article was accessed • embed • It does not require subscriptions or payment to download the full article. • IPFS 189,142 • Advertising • ^ a b c d e Bohannon, John (28 April 2016). "The frustrated science student behind Sci-Hub". Science. 352 (6285): 511. Bibcode: 2016Sci...352..511B. doi: 10.1126/science.352.6285.511. PMID 27126021. Archived from the original on 27 October 2018 . Retrieved 27 October 2018. • Cookbooks I maintain that if you subtract state piracy in China and proxy Sci-Hub activity in Iran, the majority of Sci-Hub activity, as seen on the map linked to above, can be found amongst individual scholars in Western countries and not individuals in the developing world. It’s an unsubstantiated claim, backed up by evidence such as the usage map. I invite anyone to refute it. • To help personalize content, tailor and measure ads, and provide a safer experience, we use cookies. By clicking or navigating the site, you agree to allow our collection of information on and off Facebook through cookies. Learn more, including about available controls: Cookies Policy. Scientific Words For Knowledge

検索エンジン 13 yet she is desperately unhappy. Serena’s unhappiness shows that her God Bless the Child Edit • Features © Copyright 2020. Disabled Living Foundation (DLF). • Close • Open-design movement • September 2011 We all know the scenario: Trawling through the literature databases, you come across an intriguing new article. The article promises to hold the answer to a burning question, support your exciting new theory, or even hold clues to what that confusing result from yesterday’s experiment could possibly mean. Your excitement quickly dies when the article turns out to be paywalled i.e. it is not freely available and requires an expensive journal subscription or steep fee for limited-time access. Your university library will usually have access to the journal. But if you are off campus, or not affiliated with an academic institution, then can you access paywalled research for free? Unlocking Articles with Unpaywall • Business models for open-source software Lol what? You (ACS) are using my membership fees to pay lawyers to try and stop disseminating scientific research? For now, the only added value ACS Publications offers beside hosting is a relatively decent system of peer review, but I hope you understand that with evolution of preprint servers comes the development of open peer review system. Thereafter I hope the multitide of paywalled journals you (and Nature group) are so desperately procreating will become altogether obsolete. Donc il faut une solution globale qui aille dans le sens de la recherche. Sci-Hub en propose une. • Scholarships • Drug Discovery News Interested in Selling Books on Biblio? • Link to Us • Music piracy 44 RT @scihub_love You mean you don't have to login to use the journal? That authentication is done by IP-Address? Possible, I don't know how they implement access-controls. • ^ Bender, Maddie (3 February 2020). " 'It's a Moral Imperative:' Archivists Made a Directory of 5,000 Coronavirus Studies to Bypass Paywalls". Vice . Retrieved 27 February 2020. Clive Cussler Books Newest To Oldest • Libraries Great Scientists Civilization 6 The Sci-Hub project supports Open Access movement in science. Research should be published in open access, i.e. be free to read. • Ever Carradine as Naomi Putnam, Commander Warren Putnam's wife. 80% In the books, Moira (Samira Wiley) gives a detailed description of the Colonies. • ^ Stoltz, Mitch (10 November 2017). "Another Court Overreaches With Site-Blocking Order Targeting Sci-Hub". Electronic Frontier Foundation. Archived from the original on 7 December 2018 . Retrieved 27 October 2018. Beaulieu-Jones BK, Greene CS. Reproducibility of computational workflows is automated using continuous analysis. Nature Biotechnology. 2017;35:342–346. doi: 10.1038/nbt.3780. • Breaking Bad (2013) • ^ Andreeva, Nellie (February 15, 2018). " 'The Handmaid's Tale': Bradley Whitford Joins Hulu Drama Series For Season 2". Deadline Hollywood . Retrieved February 16, 2018. (2017) Sci.Hub is a site to download reference papers and journal articles for free. Just paste the DOI of the journal article you want, and ScienceHub will fetch the PDF for you for free. • Dailymotion • Textbook Answers • Company Information 12 Nobody actually uses this status code, despite it being an official spec. I'd like to think the dev or dev ops person who configured this server used the status code as a minor protest. The spec authors would be proud. • Spine Crackers: Symbols Dynasty was founded in 2002 by Dmitry Zimin, a beloved philanthropic oligarch whose work had even won him an award from the government “for the Protection of the Russian Science” just weeks earlier. By American standards, Dynasty wasn’t that deep-pocketed. In 2015, its anticipated budget for research funding amounted to just $7.6 million USD. And yet, in Russia, it had no peer as a private supporter of science. The maintenance will affect the Data Hub Services according to the following programme: En France, le 7 mars 2019, le tribunal de grande instance de Paris ordonne aux fournisseurs d’accès à internet Orange, SFR, Free et Bouygues Telecom de bloquer l’accès à Sci-Hub ainsi qu’à LibGen à leurs clients [37 ]. Le tribunal a confirmé que la méthode de blocage pourra être choisie par les FAI. Les fournisseurs d’accès d'Orange et Bouygues Télécom ont fait valoir qu’ils souhaitaient choisir eux-mêmes les modalités du blocage, au lieu de celle suggérée par les éditeurs (le blocage par adresse IP) [38 ]. Le changement de DNS, l'utilisation d’un VPN ou du réseau Tor permettent de contourner le blocage [39 ]. Par ailleurs, comme celui-ci ne concerne pas RENATER, l'accès à Sci-Hub reste possible dans la majorité des établissements français d'enseignement supérieur et de recherche [39 ]. • Headlines• Local News• Our Times• Church• Editorials• Leisure & Sports• Calendar• People• Archives• About • Monaco General Further Education College ‘prayvaganza’ ‘birthmobiles’ ‘particicutions’ The ‘compudoc’ system Apps • While I don't believe the site was illegal (it's just a link, after all, and proxied from Wikidata - so that would be illegal too?), I understand that Zeit are not too happy about it. However, there are so many unanswered questions about the Colonies that need to be addressed: How big are the Colonies, and does Gilead control all of them? Are they as bad as people fear, or has Gilead created or exaggerated a myth to keep people in line? And, my biggest question... is that where Mayday is hiding out? It’d be the perfect cover, so long as they could protect themselves from pollution. Then, Elbakyan switched her strategy. As Elsevier’s technicians testified, instead of using university proxy servers to access Elsevier’s repository directly, Sci-Hub started using them just to obtain an authorization token. Then Sci-Hub could use the token to connect to the repository from a different IP address — no longer leaving an easy breadcrumb trail of the same handful of IP address being consistently used to access and download an outrageous number of papers. By the time the publisher had gone to trial, it still hadn’t figured out any effective workaround to this technique. But, Elsevier had found a different pressure point for enforcing piracy that would establish a precedent for another publisher to get something of a chokehold on Sci-Hub. Sector 2 March, 2016 at 8:10 am • Imprint The Computer and Communications Industry Association (CCIA), a tech nonprofit with members such as Google, Intuit, Uber, and Microsoft, even filed an amicus brief against ACS’s injunction — just as it did when Elsevier, in its case, initially attempted to get a similar injunction — urging the court to drop it. • Your matched tutor provides personalized help according to your question details. Payment is made only after you have completed your 1-on-1 session and are satisfied with your session. Sci-Hub’s article coverage is shown for each year since 1850. Alyssa: Honestly, I am hoping for a little break from June. This episode was pretty much a bottle episode, so I am ready to get some outside perspective. I want to know what the Waterfords are up to. I want to know how Emily and Moira are doing in Canada. Hell, at this point, I’d even welcome an update from Luke. If they are really going to give June some purpose after a season of being a meandering asshole, they’re going to have to earn me back, and I’m not sure that they can. • Association of Research Libraries Graph 4: Expenditure Trends in ARL Libraries, 1986-2015. [February 7, 2018]; ARL Statistics 2014–2015. 2017 • • College & Career Guidance Courses • October Journal Rita (portrayed by Amanda Brugel) is a Martha at the Waterford home. She had a son who died fighting in the Civil War when he was 19 years old. Rita is part of the resistance and helped June escape with baby Nicole at the end of season 2. • Future Man (2017–20) • BUSINESS, FINANCE & LAW • • British Standards Institute BS ISO 26324:2012 Information and Documentation. Digital Object Identifier System. 2012 doi: 10.3403/30177056. [ CrossRef] In The Invisible Boy, Brian is never really “seen” by his classmates and teacher. His classmates don’t pick him to play in kickball games or invite him to birthday parties, and his teacher always seems to be dealing with other students to notice Brian. But there is one thing Brian loves to do: draw! One day, a new student, Justin, joins their class. As Justin is trying to find his place in the class, Brian is the one who steps up to make him feel welcome by drawing a picture for him. When the time comes for a group project, Justin invites Brian into his group and the rest is history. This is wonderful story to use with your students about the importance of including others. Pay close attention to the illustrations as these tell the story just as much as the words. Don’t forget to check out the endpapers too! Sentinel Hub retweeted In March 2017, the website had 62 million papers in its collection, [51] which were found to include 85% of the articles published in paywalled scholarly journals. [2] Although only 69% of all published articles were in the database in March 2017, it has been estimated, based on scholarly citations from articles published between 2015 and July 2017, that at least 96% of requests for paywalled articles are successful. [2] • Sex and sexuality in speculative fiction We evaluate each Crossref DOI for membership in the set of Sci-Hub DOIs in 01.catalog-dois.ipynb. The specific implementation we apply passes a set of Sci-Hub DOIs to the pandas.Series.isin function. This function uses a hash table, the formative data structure behind sets, to enable an efficient comparison of DOIs. The 01.catalog-dois.ipynb notebook does take considerable time (perhaps up to an hour) to execute. However, much of this time is spend on file input/output, which requires reading/writing to disk and (de)compressing streams, both of which can be runtime intensive. Thank you Gabriel for putting some common sense in – and providing figures that show more than 50% of downloads are NOT from Western countries. Thank you also Gabriel for providing some insight into user motivations. The map is far less useful in presentation terms, and possibly disagrees with Gabriel’s figures, so at minimum the claim that the majority of Sci-Hub usage is from Western countries is controversial. . Apologies to Frank for putting words in his mouth, He indeed said the majority of usage of Sci-Hub was by Westerners for a “pseudo revolutionary lark” – but without providing any evidence of that particular motivation claim. Frank, you will see that I have no problems at all about apologising when I make a mistake. How about you now apologising for making a claim for which you have no supporting evidence? • Kad